lundi 10 août 2009

Quadrilatère Saint-Laurent : Let's review the entire project

Here are some exercpts from the report released last week by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal.

* A building dedicated to office space and “socially-responsible commerce” will not animate Saint-Laurent and Ste-Catherine around the clock, leaving a hole in the heart of the entertainment district at night.
* The usage proposed would not maintain the cultural diversity that is currently found on the Lower Main (A couple memoirs pointed out that the plans would actually snuff out 4 venues – Cafe Cleopatra, Katacombs, Les Saints and Opera – in order erect a tower mostly consacrated to office space.)
* The 12-storey building could create a wind tunnel and would leave the eastern side of the street in shadows for most of the day (According to Montreal’s urban plan, the maximum building height for this block is 5 stories, but the city has already approved exceptions for the Quadrilatère and 2-22 Ste-Catherine).
* The plan to integrate the facades of centennial buildings into the office tower fails to do justice to a site of “exceptional heritage value,” and proposed building would dwarf the Monument National.

Read more on Spacing Montreal here.

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